Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Internship

The summer has arrived. I am excited to say that I will be researching "sustainable" technologies this summer. After the first few days of researching and brainstorming, it looks as though I will focusing my energies on studying:

Green Roofs,
Pervious Pavements,
and Rainwater Harvesting

I am really excited I get so much time learning and researching as much as I can about these sustainable technologies.

Meanwhile here is some food for thought:

A new solar technology that is likely to exceed a 35% efficiency, making solar power as cheap as power from the grid. The first product is called a SunBall the second is called the SunCube. These guys from Australia designed them and already orders for millions $$$ of dollars worth of them.

Check an Article about it HERE

And For a Video explaination Click HERE


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Jordan said...

Photovoltaics. Learned about that when I was, like, four years old. WhatEV.

Dinner tonight?